Ho-I Kung Fu School

Ho-I Kung Fu & Tai Chi is the leading martial arts academy in Columbus, Ohio, continuously operated for 50 years. Whether it's your first time or you’re refining your skills, we can support your martial arts education. 

Adult Kung Fu

In addition to practical self defense applications, the Masters and instructors of Ho-I (pronounced "ho-ee") teach a variety of kung fu forms. The Shaolin Iron Tiger system focuses on stop techniques, blocking, and setting an opponent off balance to create an opportunity to strike. This counter-offensive style of martial arts enables students of any age and size to feel confident and empowered. Our teaching additionally includes traditional styles, including Hung Gar and Hsing I, and classroom exercises often pull from boxing, Muay Thai, and the ancient Chinese grappling art Shuai Chiao. Our students receive a well-rounded education and develop the discipline of patience and physical control, requiring precision and intentionality in every movement.

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Youth Kung Fu

Your martial artist aged 8 to 16 will receive a well-rounded foundation in self defense, Kung Fu, and basic weaponry skills in classes that focus on discipline, confidence, and, of course, physical activity. Our instructors teach practical safety techniques as well as the system of Shaolin Iron Tiger Kung Fu to children and youth. Classes also include the traditional forms of Iron Tiger, Soft Tiger and Golden Tiger. 

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Tai Chi

If you are searching for a low-impact fitness class that will improve your health, tone your body and clear your head, then Tai Chi is for you. The unique school known as Ch'ang's Tai Chi was developed from a mix of 2,700-year-old practices to rejuvenate the mind and body and develop internal energy. Focus your mind on the Tan Tien, your reservoir of chi, and gather your energy through measured movements to realize a peaceful, balanced life.

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