Youth Kung Fu

Youth classes for ages 8 to 16 include:

In Ho-I’s classes for kids, we emphasize practical self defense with techniques that are meant to keep kids safe, not just score points in competition. They’re designed to get you out of an attacker’s grip and incapacitate them long enough for you to get away. We truly believe that confident, capable kids are safer kids

Our youth students also enjoy practicing flying side kicks, duck-and-roll, and jumping maneuvers. They are acrobatic, challenging, and overall just plain fun! Students also do blocking drills, line drills, and simple sparring to develop speed and accuracy. We make frequent use of heavy bags, striking pads, and general fitness exercises.

Your martial artist also will receive a well-rounded foundation in Kung Fu and weaponry skills. Traditional training includes the forms of Iron Tiger, Soft Tiger, Golden Tiger, and Short Tiger as well as Panther, Hung Gar, staff, Tai Chi Pole, broadsword, and more.

We encourage interested parents to drop by and observe a class to see what our youth classes are like!